Peppers Marquees - Snaith


Peppers Marquees - Snaith


We treat each and every project on its own merits. We listen to your dreams. We take the brief. Whatever the challenge, we rarely say ‘no.’ In the face of logistical and structural impossibilities, if a way exists, we will find it.

Whether you contact us directly or you have engaged a world-class event planner, we offer unrivalled service, experienced and knowledgeable staff, and a single point of contact throughout the process. Across the company we focus on four attributes:


We go the extra mile to exceed our clients’ expectations and we rise to any challenge.

Our clients stay loyal to us over many decades: from cradle to grave is no exaggeration. Some schedule their annual events to suit our workload – ensuring they obtain the people they know and the service they are accustomed to. We repay this loyalty by being there when our clients need us, no matter the time or location.


We respect the privacy of our clients, their families and their businesses.

We are fortunate to work for high profile individuals, families and companies who regard supplier discretion as a pre-requisite. We have a strong reputation for quietly going about our work and not sharing information with the outside world. We have a limited social media presence and ensure all images and information are approved prior to use in any format.


We innovate with engineered solutions.

Often our role is to bridge the gap between the practical and the aesthetic. We help event designers move from ‘light-bulb moment’ to reality. We provide solutions and are strong advocates of ideas we believe in. With over a century of combined experience, our management team knows what works. If we need specialist advice we call on a small roster of external engineers and designers.

Perhaps most importantly, we listen to our people: our most successful innovations often come from the ground upwards.


We are production-focused and play a central role in the planning process.

We work alongside the best suppliers in the industry to create breath-taking spaces and jaw-dropping experiences. From a smart country wedding to a major fashion show, the journey involves many contributors. There is no better example of the sum being greater than its parts.

Each supplier brings something different to the project: production is the art of bringing it all together.